Sustainable Development
is a strategy for achieving a dignified life within the framework of what is physically and biologically possible. więcej »
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About ISD
The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is a non-governmental think-tank type organisation which was found in 1990 on the initiative of few members of the Polish Ecological Club. ISD works for the promotion and implementation of the principles and solutions which contribute to Poland's sustainable development.

In its activities, the Institute is guided by its mission to:
  • build positive relations between socio-economic development and environmental protection;
  • act in the interest of the present and future generations.
The Institute is a member of the European Environmental Bureau and takes part in the national NGO coalitions, e.g. the Climate, for EU Funds and of Forum for the Animation of Rural Areas.

ISD Management Board:

Wojciech Szymalski - President

Ph.D. Wojciech Szymalski has and expert knowledge in the field of regional and spatial planning, public participation, impact of transport on environment and other environmental science issues. He completed his higher education at Warsaw University on Faculty of Geography and Regional Sciences and on the Interfaculty Study on Environmental Science. At the Warsaw University since 2006 he coordinated works for European Parliament in framework contract for delivery of data for EP Visitors’ Center Project. Since 2004, he has been working in Zielone Mazowsze (Green Mazovia) Association in Warsaw in the field of environmental transport policy eg. for the project LINK Forum realized under the 6th Framework Programme for DG TREN. In 2008 he has been qualified to the Knowledge Support System database of ESPON. In 2008, he has done his DBU internship at the Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen e.V in Berlin (Germany), focusing on regional planning and environmental law. From 2009, he has been working for the Institute for Sustainable Development in Warsaw, involved in projects focusing on climate change and adaptation to climate change. Since 2010 he was leading a LIFE+ project “Good climate for counties” (DOKLIP) and since 2014 another LIFE+ project: ADAPTCITY. Contact details: email:, phone: +48 22 851 04 02.

Institutions and persons, who would like to support the activity for sustainable development can make payments to the account of the Foundation the Institute for Sustainable Development
Bank Ochrony Środowiska SA 89 1540 1102 2110 5703 2058 0001
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